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On-Location and In-Home Manual Therapy


Customized Manual Therapy by a Licensed & Insured Therapist at our Location or in Your Home or Office!

9845 Erma Rd. Suite 206

San Diego, CA 92131


Manual Therapy = 

Massage Therapy


SI or Structu​ral Integration​ Session =

A session with a Specialist- who views the body as a whole; trained to work on chronic, more in-depth muscle and joint dysfunction. Also known as: Nero-Muscular Re-Education or Myofascial Release

Accountability Instruction-

Exercises, Stretches, Foam Rolling Technique, Education

60-Min Manual Therapy


$130 In-Home

- Best for Relaxation and Stress Release


Good for Deep Tissue or SI Session Follow-ups (usually 2 to 3 weeks post 90 Min Session)


Couples In-Home Back to Back (1 Therapist)- $230



90-Min Manual Therapy


$180 In-Home


- Best for full  Body Evaluation and Assessment

-  Relaxation, Stress Release, as well as some time for specific areas of concern to be addressed 

- Highly recommended for all SI, Deep Tissue and Neuro-Muscular Re-Education Sessions

Couples In-Home Back to Back (1 Therapist)- $330

120-Min Manual Therapy


$230 In-Home

The Best of Both!

Couples In-Home Back to Back (1 Therapist)- $4304

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